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Frinton's Waterfront has been used for many years by speed boats, fisherman, sailing boats and windsurfers.

With the popularity of additional forms of watercraft, the area has become more congested in recent years, largely by people who do not live in the locality.

Certain owners of ski boats and personal watercraft have been irresponsible in the use of their craft. So much so that local residents have petitioned to have the boat launching access closed, in the interests of safety and to minimise noise. Tendring District Council subsequently took the decision to restrict access at all Frinton launch ramps.

This was initiated by local councilors, some of whom have only lived locally for a relatively short period which is a major source of frustration to those of us who have lived here all our lives and have enjoyed access to the sea for many years.

Nevertheless safety is most important and always has been for most local boat users.

Tendring District Council is no longer in a position to "Police" any of the launch ramps largely due to the irresponsible attitude of the minority so the only way access could be re-gained was for independent bodies to take control of access.

Frinton Watercraft Club was subsequently formed primarily for the benefit of local residents but due to the tight access area and small trailer parking facilities, our membership is limited.

There are of course alternative launch sites as follows: